Miss Goody-Goody: Donate at CB2, Get 15% Off

18 Nov

Image via CB2

CB2 has teamed up with the Atlanta Community Food Bank to motivate shoppers to remember those who won’t be able to afford a feast this Thanksgiving. If you bring 7 nonperishable items to the CB2 store in Midtown, you’ll get 15% off one shopping trip to the store, including furniture. So while you’re picking up some last minute items to spruce up your home for the onslaught of incoming family (or perhaps picking up a hostess gift for the generous person who is taking you in for the holidays), bring 7 small items for someone else. (Note: especially needed items include canned tuna, beans, soups, stews, pasta, fruits, vegetables and 100% fruit juice; peanut butter, macaroni and cheese, and whole-grain, low-sugar cereals.)

CB2. 1080 Peachtree St. NE. 404.894.3763.


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