Grey Ant x Teva = Weirdest Effing Stilettos Ever

30 Nov

Image via

So maybe you’re the real outdoorsy/athletic type, but you wish you could be a stiletto-wearing glamazon. But you just can’t let go of the crunchy granola hippie side of you. Now there’s a shoe for you. Teva–yes, that velcro-strap-hiking-sandal company–has teamed up with fashion label Grey Ant to release the Teva Stiletto.

Note: These are supposed to be comfortable, but they are still heels, so don’t get too excited if you’re used to wearing flats.

Double note: These are actually really, sinfully ugly, so don’t buy them expecting to look stylish.

Triple note: They cost $330, a price that could actually net you some actual stylish shoes.

Bonus points: All the models on the site are shown wearing these strappy stilettos with thick, knit socks.

Final score: Fail.

Grey Ant X Teva Stilettos. Available online at


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