Possible Obsession: Pencey Pieced Leggings

1 Dec

Image via Shopbop.com

Trends this year: Colored tights. Patterned hose. Colorblock looks. Leggings with everything.

Hell, even jeggings exist now.

So why not combine a few trends into one? Because they’ll turn out looking like this: Pencey Pieced Leggings. They’re leggings with mesh insets (like hose) in a two-tone style (colorblock). They simultaneously go with everything and nothing. They’re attention-grabbing and unique, while as the same time hovering right around “fashion trainwreck” territory. Or perhaps they sail right past “trainwreck” and into “KILL IT WITH FIRE” territory. Or maybe they’re just so awesome, you can’t comprehend it. Well?

Bonus points: They’re stirrup leggings. Awww, yeah.

Pencey Pieced Leggings. Online at Shopbop. $132.


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