Shop In Your Slippers: InStyle Editors Will Tell You What To Buy, Just Like Always

1 Dec

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Magazines have been trying for years to figure out ways to stay relevant in a digital age where advertising dollars aren’t just rolling in by the wheelbarrow load anymore. Now, InStyle has decided to break down the barriers where the editors make suggestions or style lovely fashion spreads or just tell you what the latest trends are. These currently-nameless-and-faceless editors just flat-out give you links and images of what to buy and where, and admit that they get a commission from the “partner sites.”

It’s called StyleFind, and it’s the latest and the greatest from InStyle, which is slowly devolving from something classy and glossy into that hobo on the corner that will pretty much do anything for money. The site does organize looks by “editor’s picks” (also known as: “brands who advertise with us”), trends and basic groups like “dresses” and “shoes.” Click around to find something you like, and then a link will take you directly to Zappos or J. Crew or whathaveyou to buy. On the one hand, it’s nice to have someone point out where to find trends. On the other hand, it’s almost insulting to insinuate that someone who is willing to read InStyle magazine is too big of a drooling, incompetent idiot to, say, look for a pair of gold pumps on Zappos.

But hey, a magazine all about shopping! Wonder if that idea will ever catch on…

StyleFind. Online.


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