Coming Soon: William Rast at Target

6 Dec


william rast lookbook

Black tunic, $34.99; gray tank, $29.99; leather jacket, $199.99. Image via Racked

The Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block are still touring (and now, touring together), but Justin Timberlake is too busy to throw any love to nostalgic ‘NSync fans. Just in time to squeeze in and make a good Christmas gift, William Rast for Target hits stores on December 19, promising to induce a shopping frenzy. The company, founded by JT and Trace Ayala, is best known for its jeans, but also does well with leather pieces, plaid button-downs and tees for men and women. Now, those who don’t want to spend $200 for a pair of jeans can snag some for $50. Which is still a little expensive for Target’s standards, but is definitely less than the originals.

william rast looks

Left: Plain tee, $19.99; tuxedo blazer, $49.99; jeans, $49.99; Middle: Tunic, $34.99; vest, $39.99; Right: Button-down, $34.99; skirt, $39.99

However, the brand has branched out from its well-known looks to create studded skirts, vests, tuxedo jackets and more. Judging by the price points, it’s likely that better materials have been used–cotton instead of polyester, actual silk and real leather instead of faux. Target previously did a $200 leather jacket for its JPG collection, which was buttery soft and well-made, but ended up on sale racks because most Target shoppers aren’t willing to drop $100+ for one jacket in their store, leather or not.

william rast lookbook

Left: Tank, $26.99; silk blouse, $34.99; jeans, $49.99; Middle: Silk blouse, $34.99; skirt, $34.99; Right: Chambray Shirt, $34.99; Jeans, $49.99.

But the well-known brand name of William Rast combined with JT’s star power, the Christmas season and the delicate balance of affordable prices with quality materials just might cause this to be one of Target’s best designer collaborations yet.

william rast lookbook

Left: Silk blouse, $34.99; Leggings, $39.99; Middle: Tank, $29.99; jacket, $44.99 faux-leather shorts, $39.99; Right: Button-down, $34.99; sweatshirt, $29.99; jeggings, $39.99

Or it could be as heinous as that plasticky Mulberry garbage. There are faux-leather shorts on the menu here.

William Rast for Target. In Target stores December 19.


One Response to “Coming Soon: William Rast at Target”

  1. V December 9, 2010 at 1:41 pm #

    love the clothes and design. Target it really gearing up for holidays, great find.

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