Stay Warm Out There

11 Jan

Winter always threatens the delicate balance between fashion and function–how do you stay warm and still look cute? So much heat escapes from the top of your head, making it incredibly important to keep your noggin toasty. But how to do it without a limp knitted wool circle topped with a drooping pom-pom? Here’s a few fresh ideas:

Ms. Lumber-hauler by Nobis

The combination of corduroy, flannel and faux fur makes us warm just by looking at it, plus the earflaps button up to make an entirely-fur cap. $58. Available online or at Urban Outfitters.

Women for Women International Siberian Tiber Pom-Pom Hat by Kate Spade

Okay, so this is basically exactly what we were trying to avoid style-wise, but the animal print makes it on-trend and irresistible, especially when you consider that it’s for a good cause: This hat was hand-knit by women in Bosnia as part of Kate Spade’s hand in hand partnership program with Women for Women. It’s hard to hate on that. $125. Available online or at Kate Spade’s boutique at Lenox mall.

Madison’s Cloche at Anthropologie

A great way to keep your ears warm with a retro twist–a grey felt cloche hat with a sweet floral embroidered patch. Wear a little hope for spring on your head, perhaps? $48. Available online and at Anthropologie stores.


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