Coming Soon: Sofia Vergara For Kmart

2 Feb

Images via Styleite

Kmart has announced its latest celebrity fashion partnership, this time with Sofia Vergara, the gorgeous Columbian actress most famous for her role on ABC’s Modern Family. Vergara is fond of low-cut, body-con outfits, which is what has been produced for her brand: faux-leather jackets, mini-skirts and tight dresses. We’re not sure if this fits into Kmart’s desire for a “broad appeal.” Not to say that the looks won’t be successful at all; Kmart has actually had success with its collaboration with Selena Gomez of Disney Channel fame.

The collection will feature clothes, jewelry, handbags and shoes ranging from $9.99 to $59.99. Look for them in Kmart stores starting in fall 2011. Most likely you’ll be able to locate the items by the men drooling over advertising materials with the actress’ image, or crowds of men trying to buy the items for their girlfriends and spouses hoping they’ll suddenly morph into Sofia Vergara (or at least her body).

Also, note to Kmart: leggings are not pants.

-Sofia Vergara for Kmart. In stores and online Fall 2011.


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