Copyright or Copy Wrong?

3 Feb

First, the blogosphere chose sides over the controversy surrounding a new fashion site, The Coveted at It’s a beautiful site with a great idea, but independent bloggers were already loyal followers of a fashion site named The Coveted…located at Founded by Jennie Jacob, who also runs the Independent Fashion Bloggers organization, the original The Coveted has been around for almost four years. The new owners of the un-hyphenated URL, Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark seemed to claim ignorance to the pre-existing brand, but were unable to brush off the animosity in the end. As of February 2, the new blog has changed its name to The Coveteur and moved URLs to No legal battle was needed, although both sides retained lawyers. Since the new blog allegedly spammed bloggers who claim to not know how they got on the email list, then seemed to attack their Indie Blogger Queen, perhaps it was a better move for the newcomers to just step aside.

Second, handbag giant Hermes sued a company called Thursday Friday (who?) for allegedly knocking off their iconic Birkin bag. The classic shape has been reinterpreted by so many other designers, how close must this contemporary brand have gotten to the original design in order to bring down the wrath of such a huge company? This close:

Image via

In case you’re squinting, that’s a screenprint of a Birkin bag on a tote bag. Here’s what the original looks like:

Image via SheFinds

So close, right? Hermes is claiming that Thursday Friday is “riding on their reputation” (hmmm, maybe) and “confusing, misleading, and deceiving the public” (what?). SheFinds got their hands on the official court documents.

We say anyone who is misled into thinking a $35 tote bag is a real Birkin (which tends to cost as much as a small coupe to large luxury car and–until last year–had a waiting list to get one) deserves it.


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