Eat This: Cupcake Lounge Opens In Grant Park

8 Feb

Images via Thrillist and

Cocktails? Good. Cupcakes? Better. Cocktail-infused cupcakes? Oh hell yes. Trendy cupcake peddlers keep popping up everywhere, offering tempting delights bigger than your fist, but Cupcake Lounge in Grant Park is something new, infusing top shelf liquors into smaller-sized delights for $4.50. Because being a glutton isn’t chic.

But owner Tajuansar Diallo offers more than just tipsy treats–get a standard cupcake for $2.75, plus soups, sandwiches and more in an atmosphere that encourages hanging around for more. Plus, Diallo uses family recipes for her confections, so don’t expect her delights to taste like the same old tired desserts at your grocery store.

Now you can combine your post-dinner-date-night dessert and drinks into one stop. Efficiency is sexy, right?

Cupcake Lounge. 415-C Memorial Dr.


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