Collab Crazy: Keeping Pop Culture On The Tips Of Your Fingers

9 Feb

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Crossover collaborations are the new black in the fashion industry, with one brand using another brand’s popularity to draw in new customers. Celebrity fragrances have long been the first stop for famous femmes who want to break into the beauty industry. Which Katy Perry did, and now she’s quickly moved on to nail polish just two months later, collabing with OPI for funky glittery shades as well as a black shatter topcoat. Hats off to Ms. Perry and the folks at OPI for creating something seriously unique for a collab–so unique, the company made an instructional video. (Apply the black polish on top of any color and it will crack as it dries.)

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Does it seem like Glee is everywhere? Well, it is–now Sephora has an exclusive Glee nailpolish collection, also in cahoots with OPI. These colors come in a mini kit (l-4): Miss Bossy Pants, Slushie, Celibacy Club, Gleek Out, Sue vs. Shue and Express Yourself. And if that’s not enough, there’s another four sold separately:

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Meet (l-r): Mash-Up, Hell to the No, Who Let The Dorks Out? and Diva-in-Training.

Once you’ve picked your favorite color, pick your applique. That’s right, Glee for Sephora by OPI also offers stick-on patterns: Polka-dots, stars and music bars.

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Now you can Gleek out on multiple levels.

Katy Perry for OPI. Available at Ulta.

Glee for Sephora by OPI. Available at Sephora.


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