Get Out: Atlanta Fair Opens

3 Mar

Image via

Nothing says spring in the South quite like a thick dusting of yellow pollen on your windshield the opening of the fair! And us city folk don’t have to drive to south Georgia to find ferris wheels and cotton candy–it’s coming to Turner Field on March 4 and staying until April 3. You’ll find roller coasters, rides that go upside down, rides that swing back and forth, rides that go round and round and round… for pictures, click here.

Admission is $1 for kids at all times and can go up to $8 for adults, depending on the day and time you want to go. Unlimited ride armbands are $20, or you can get 28 tickets for $25 and divide them amongst yourselves. Bring cash for admission, but no worries, you can charge your ride tickets.

Atlanta Fair. At Turner Field, March 4 until April 3.


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