Music Midtown Returns (Meekly)

7 Jul

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The good news: Music Midtown is returning to Atlanta this September! The bad news: it is a timid shell of its former self.

The festival is scaled down to one day, September 24, featuring two stages in Piedmont Park (so maybe there will be some shade now?!). The lineup so far includes Coldplay, The Black Keys, Cage the Elephant, Band of Skulls, The Joy Formidable and Atlanta-based Manchester Orchestra. There are rumors of a Friday night show in the works, but nothing solid has been announced. Tickets will cost $55.

Will Music Midtown take off again, turning into a three-day festival of all-star acts like in the past? With such a small return, it’s hard to believe that people will embrace it with enough cash flow and demand to help take it to the next level. But only time will tell. Here’s to hoping the new Music Midtown isn’t a one-hit wonder.

Music Midtown. September 24, Piedmont Park. Tickets on sale July 16, $55.


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