More Por Favor: Lenox Extending Retail Space

5 Dec

Last Thursday, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reported that Lenox parent company Simon Property Group has plans to tear down the porte cochere at the front entrance (the overhang where cars can pull up and unload in the rain) and turn that space into retail space. Which means two things: 1) Things are going to look new and shiny on the front side of the mall, and 2) Lenox is essentially getting more stores without having to lose any of the old ones!

Construction will begin in spring 2012 (just what Lenox needed, more grungy construction zones), and if all goes according to plan there should be some announcements of new retailers soon after. And then all that’s left is to press our noses to the glass and wait.

Of course, Crate and Barrel will be leaving the inner walls of the mall, venturing out to the Shops Around Lenox and leaving a huge hole across from Anthropologie, likely before this new project is completed. So it looks like there will be some large holes in Lenox for much of 2012.

All in the name of progress.


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