Ch-ch-changes: North Point Mall Edition

27 Feb

Image via North Point Mall's Facebook page

Despite the economic climate, North Point Mall continues to expand and grow. First, Von Maur opened in the almost-abandoned Dillard’s wing. Now, there is talk of converting the old Parisian space into a movie theater. Rainbow, a low-priced clothing spot aimed at teenagers, has announced a new spot. And finally, Lego and Michael Kors have announced new stores in the works for this suburban mall.

It seems that the new changes are a bit at odds with each other–while a movie theater is likely to draw loitering teenagers (who already spend time at the mall with mom and dad’s money), a Lego store will appeal to the younger crowd (and tie in with the Discovery Center opening at Phipps later this year) and Michael Kors definitely appeals to the adult women (and tie in with the “Collection” store slated to open at Phipps later this year).

Kors is striving for the “affordable luxury” success of Coach, and even Gucci, who have lowered some of their price points in the past decade to attract new consumers who are willing to splurge on a piece or two that are within their financial reach. However, as North Point seems to strive towards a more family-oriented and budget-friendly scene, will Michael Kors fit the landscape? With an American Girl store, Build-a-Bear Workshop, and now a Lego store to lure in the elementary-aged kids–plus a Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, Torrid, Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Delia’s, Rainbow and a movie theater to appeal to the teenagers–will the more luxury spots like Kors and Coach be able to draw in the crowds like before? Read: will parents and young professionals still want to shop at this mall (and will parents still have money left to actually spend)?


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