Let Friday Night Be A Drag: Lips Atlanta

26 Nov
lips atlanta

Inside Lips Atlanta

Some people just know how to work a pair of stilettos. And a lot of those people are at Atlanta’s newest drag-show-themed bar, Lips, which popped up in the fringe of Brookhaven and North Druid Hills last September. We were recently invited to experience the dinner and a show performance, and left impressed with both. We enjoyed the chicken roulade (everyone admitted we were not expecting the food to be palatable), downed our share of frozen cosmos and cheered the divas who lit up the stage. (Note: Thursday night is, specifically, Divas Night.)

Expect standard Vegas-style performances with lots of energy, sequins and mascara to the tunes of Whitney Houston, Cher, Tina Turner, Lady Gaga and more. Expect to tip generously. Expect good food and strong drinks. Expect a cover charge around $5-$7. Expect to need reservations. Expect to see dancing in heels.

Because it’s a woman’s world.

Like VH1 in the 90's.

Like VH1 in the 90’s.


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