Box O’ Fun: Julep

7 Jul

Box of…Juleps?

We finally caved and tried the subscription service that has already made the media rounds: Julep.

It’s not a delivery of mint julep ingredients (although we would totally subscribe to that. Anyone listening?) It’s a personalized nail polish revolution-in-a-box. The online questionnaire dubbed us “Classic with a Twist” (sounds legit) and we promptly received a box of two nail polish shades with a side of blush.

Julep Maddy


Let’s be honest–the nail polish is the big draw here. The colors are fun, probably best because they are shades we wouldn’t likely choose for ourselves, but ended up loving. Thanks for forcing us outside the box, Julep. Also noteworthy: this nail polish lasts forever without getting chipped. Big bonus points for that.

The blush was a bit too peachy for us, but being from Georgia means we always appreciate a good peach.

peach blush

Julep is a fun little gift-to-yourself that keeps you from falling into a beauty rut. One box is $24.99, or get a three month subscription for $19.99/box. Or go luxe for $39.99/$34.99. Plus, there are secret sales on the website to keep you stocked on the things you love. Follow them on social media for a brazillion ideas for manis, recipes, tips and more. And a whole section for weddings (hello, target marketing).

Because why pick over boring selections in the drugstore when someone else can send the trends to your home, no pants required?


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